logoplacementoptionsCar Sponsorship 

Logo Placement Options

  1. Hood and Upper Rear Quarter Panels (Primary Sponsor)
  2. Front Quarter Panel
  3. Lower Rear Quarter Panel
  4. Rear Quarter Panel
  5. Deck Lid
  6. "B" Post
  7. "C" Post
  8. TV Panel

Primary sponsors for single races to full 36 race schedule get the most prominent logo placement on the hood and rear quarter panels.  There are a number of factors that determine the cost for primary sponsorship and a wide array of cost structures depending on the media presence of the driver, team, owner, their performance on the track, and a number of other factors.  Knowledge of the internal dynamics of NASCAR teams is imperative to accomplish the most efficient sponsorship package in terms of brand impressions versus associated costs. We consult on the most efficient package that meets your company needs.  

Associate sponsor logo placement can range from the front quarter panel, lower rear quarter panel, "B" post, "C" post, deck lid or TV panel on rear bumper.  Packages range From a single race to select races in key markets, to a full schedule.  Again, there are numerous methods we use to structure motorsports sponsorships with results driven pbjectives. 

Additional Presence (Primary Sponsor)

  1. Driver's Uniform
  2. Pit Crew Uniforms
  3. Pit Box
  4. Pit Wall


We've provided an overview of logo placement and some of the basic parameters that drive program costs to show some of the options, but we rarely recommend starting a motorsports marketing program as a primary sponsor from the start.  There are other logical methods of entry that have a measurable impact on your bottom line while allowing you the opportunity to ascertain the program parameters that will best accomplish your goals and objectives.